Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre (AEEC)

Phoebe Vayanou

Few words on AEEC

Akrotiri Environmental Education Center (AEEC) is situated at Akrotiri Community, aiming to promote the unique environmental and cultural significance of Akrotiri Peninsula. The AEEC provides a wonderful opportunity to visitors for learning more about the unique biodiversity of the Peninsula, the geological formation and history of the region, as well as cultural information, through several exhibits and educational programmes for schools.

Its specially designed areas can be used for educational programmes, whilst welcoming other visitors at the same time. The venue includes exhibition spaces, a laboratory, a conference and video room, a library, a wildlife observation area, a botanic garden and a playground. All areas are accessible to wheelchair users. The exhibition spaces feature several exhibits and resources such as dioramas, quizzes, microscope, touch-screen computers, printouts etc. The outdoor observation area offers stunning views of the Salt Lake, and the centre can provide high-quality telescopes and binoculars that can be used to admire the diversity of bird species encountered in the area.

*Opening and closing times as well as entrance fees, are subject to alterations without notice. Visitors are advised to check before visiting.

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